Apprenticeship Support Project (ASP)

Give us 5 minutes of your time. We’ll give you up to $20,000 to hire 2 first-year apprentices.

We’ve made it really simple to apply for our grant.

Apply in 5 minutes
Get approved in 24-hours
Get paid in 5 days
Get hands-on support to complete the application
Get help finding apprentices

The Grant

Up to $20,000.
Hire up to 2 first-year apprentices!*

$5,000 grant per first-year apprentice in one of 39 eligible construction and manufacturing Red Seal trades.

An additional $5,000 grant per first-year apprentice if the apprentice self-identifies as being from one of the following equity groups:

Women Indigenous People Newcomers to Canada Persons with Disabilities LGBTQ2+ Individuals Visible Minorities *Maximum eligible financial incentive is $20,000 per fiscal year, for hiring a maximum of 2 new first-year apprentices.

Who Qualifies

Eligibility Criteria for Employers

The employer must be a Small or Medium Employer (SME). An employer with 499 or fewer paid employees.

Employers who want to hire first-year apprentices from one of the 39 Red Seal trades* included in the ASP (Construction and Manufacturing). The list of eligible 39 Red Seal trades* is available here:

*Please note that some trades may not offer an Apprenticeship program in your respective province or territory.

Employers who have an existing employee that would like to enroll in the Apprenticeship Program (Direct Entry).

Eligibility criteria for first-year apprentices defined as:

  1. Individuals with less than
1,800 hours of experience.
  2. Someone who has not yet completed any training and has not passed a Level I exam.
  3. Graduate from a pre-employment program with less than 1,800 hours of experience, working under a journey-person.

How to Apply

You can apply online or download and email the
completed application to AES.

Would you like additional details on the ASP or the 24-hour application process? Contact Annie or Jeff.


Annie Randell
President and Finance Director 1.844.245.3571

Jeff Ryan
Project Manager 1.844.245.3571